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5.0 rating
May 8, 2019

Hochwertige Waren vom Produzent. Fabrikverkauf.
Versand am gleichen Tag aus Frankfurt. Bis 90 % günstiger als auf dem Markt.
Reifentüten mit und ohne Logo.
Stretch Folie. Alle Größen / Sorten.
Malerkrepp. Malerfolie. Werkzeug.
Alles für Umreifung. Umreifungsband, Verpackungsband, Klemmen, Hülsen, Spanner…….
Gewebesäcke. Kartoffelsäcke. Laubsäcke.
Raschelsäcke. Zwiebelsäcke.
Baufolie. Estrichfolie. Gartenfolie. Teichfolie. Abdeckfolie. Schutzfolie.
Panzerband. Doppelklebeband. Teppichband.
Müllsäcke und Vieles mehr.
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Ryan Moore

5.0 rating
August 29, 2018

After an informative phone call with a specialist i was further passed onto a gentleman called Ryan. Ryan was friendly and knowledgeable over the phone and then agreed to meet me for a financial review. The whole process was smooth and enjoyable when it came to transferring my UK pensions, the adviser commission fees were very reasonable when compared to options from other companies.

John Fenston

Craig O'Sullivan

5.0 rating
August 29, 2018

Craig became our financial adviser when our finances were in a state of utter neglect and disorder. In a short time, he had reviewed, analysed and come up with a strategy for the future which provides for a promising retirement. He always has time to discuss issues and concerns, is straight forward, and to the point and answers all our, probably foolish, questions with patience and clarity. We’ve come to know and like him as a very personable and warm man. Highly recommended.

Lesley Evans

Ben Daggett Adviser

5.0 rating
August 29, 2018

I spoke to Benjamin in regards to planning tax and pension for myself and the family. I was worried in regards to repatriating back to the UK this summer. Following up Ben gave me some in depth information over the telephone and put me onto a local financial adviser. The issue i have faced in the middle east is the advisers ive sat down with did not hold relevant qualifications. Ben put be onto Mr Stratton who was a charted adviser and held all the relevant knowledge i needed. Hopefully when my pensions come back on time, and the adviser chooses the correct solutions.

Charles Davanport